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Everything You—and Your Students—Wanted to Know About Copyright and Fair Use

Get the facts.

Finding relevant, high-quality video, audio, and graphic content for you (and your students’) projects is often a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Not only do you need to find the right content, but deciding if you have secured the correct copyright permissions for your particular project is often confusing.

A succinct reference tool for avoiding the “unfair” use of materials in and out of the classroom, The Campus Guide to Copyright: From Creative Commons to Fair Use is designed to allow educators to focus on what they do best: teaching, not legal analysis.

Download our guide to learn:

  • 4 Key Legal Factors of Fair Use
  • 4 Basic Codes of Creative Commons
  • Benefits of Royalty-free licenses
  • How Fair Use, Creative Commons, and Royalty-Free Licenses Compare
  • and more!